Osee T5+ 5 Inch Daylight Visible 1000nits DSLR Camera Field Monitor with 3D LUT HDR Wide Color Gamut Video Monitor 4K-HDMI Expose Focus Assist DC Input Output One-Key Operation


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Product Description

5.5inch on-camera monitor kit5.5inch on-camera monitor kit

Osee T5+ is a 5 inch daylight viewable 1000nits 4K HDMI on-camera monitor with professional functionalities for v-loggers, content creators and filmmakers.

It features a 1000nits panel which is suitable for both outdoor and studio filming. It is also light weight and yet very sturdy, with a specially designed L-bracket, you can tilt your monitor at any angle without worrying the loose of the connection. What’s more, T5+ features osee’s first generation of MON OS, which is a page style UI with tons of video assisting tools, it allows user to toggle between different settings on set quickly.


1000nits brightness

1000nits brightness

Light yet Sturdy Build Design

Light yet Sturdy Build Design

Powerful New MON OS

Powerful New MON OS

1000nits Daylight Viewable Brightness

T5+ is the new upgraded version of osee’s most popular model T5, it has a 1000nits daylight viewable brightness, which is twice the brightness of an entry level on camera monitor.

What’s more, with a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and osee’s LOG/HDR processing technology, which supports PQ/HLG curves, users can shoot HDR format and the monitor will help transform it into a standard image to monitor right in the field.

* Please confirm your LOG/HDR settings before shooting videos (refer to QSG page 6).

Light and Sturdy Build Design

This monitor only weighs 175g without battery and has a size similar with your phone, it can be attached on your camera, gimbal, cage… You can fit it into almost all kinds of setups without loose.

But with a polycarbonate shell and a built-in aviation aluminum skeleton, it is not only light but also quite sturdy as well.

T5+ also has two metal 1/4” screw holes with anti-rotation pin holes which match the L bracket in the package. The L bracket is well designed so that you can tilt your monitor at any angle without worrying the loose of the connection.

Powerful New Operating System

T5+ features the first generation of osee’s MON OS, a convenient page style user interface that allows you add up to 8 MySets, and up to 8 different image assist tools can be added in each MySet.

When monitoring on location, users can switch between MySets to check different things at ease with simple toggles.

Osee’s MON OS has a full package of video assisting tools which you can check in the next section.

* Factory has 3 MySets (frame, exposure, focus) preset, you can edit them to your preferences.


flexible power solution

flexible power solution



tilt arm

tilt arm

rotate mirror

rotate mirror

Flexible Power Solutions

Battery In

Users can use battery (not included in package) to power the device, T5+ supports both Sony NP-F and Canon LP-E6.


T5+ also can be powered by the Type-C port.

Battery Out

What’s more, users can use the battery out port to power your camera when using battery power source and a dummy battery.

Various Connectors for Different Uses

SD card slot

It is used to upload custom user LUTs and update firmware (FAT32 format and size under 16G suggested).

1/4” Screw Hole

They are made of metal and has 2 anti-rotation pin holes to prevent loose.

Earphone Jack For audio monitoring.

Joystick No more greasy fingerprints on screen.

Refined Tilt Arm Design

T5+ offers a specially designed L bracket which matches the 1/4” metal screw hole with anti-rotation pin holes.

Connection Fastening Knob

After tightening the connection fastening knob, the connection of the monitor and tilt arm won’t loose.

Rotation Tightness Adjusting Knob

And you can still adjust the toque adjustment screw to adjust the tightness you want for the monitor to rotate to different angle.



T5+ offers 2x and 4x zoom, and in zoom mode, you can pan the joystick to check different parts of the image.

Rotate (auto or manual)

The rotate function can turn the image 180 degrees vertically, manually or automatically.


Mirror function is for turning the image 180 degrees horizontally.

Frame Tools

Frame Tools

Exposure Tools

Exposure Tools

Focus Tools

Focus Tools

Look Tools

Look Tools

Frame Tools

Aspect T5+ supports common aspect ratios for horizontal and vertical videos, and custom ratios from 1:3 to 3:1.

Safe is a tool for displaying the action and title safe areas.

Center is used to display a center marker of the frame.

Cross Hatch can display a grid of 2×2 to 9×9 lines to help you get a better composition.

Anamorphic De-squeeze helps de-squeeze the videos shot by anamorphic lens, supported ratios are 1x/1.33x/1.5x/1.66x/1.8x/2x and there’s a magnify function to magnify the image.

Exposure Tools

False Color T5+ supports false color calculated for different camera curves and it also supports custom false color.

Zebra T5+ supports custom tone ranges defined by users.

Waveform T5+’s waveform supports LUMA, RGB and Parade mode, the density of the graph is also adjustable.

Histogram displays a brightness graph like the histogram on your camera.

Vector Scope can display the saturation level of a certain color target, choosing 2x for GAIN can exaggerate the graph and make it more obvious.

Focus Tools

Focus Assist helps focus by marking areas that are in focus with different colors, there are total three colors blue, red and green for the mark. Just in case they are still not outstanding from the background, you can turn the image to black&white to make the marks more evident.

Peaking helps focus by increasing the “sharpness” of input image to exaggerate the contrast. There are 10 levels for increasing the “sharpness”, with more higher level, you can see the contrast of each part of the image more clearly.

Look Tools & Others

De-log Use De-log to apply a standard color grade for different camera LOG/HDR profiles.

User LUT Use User LUT to apply a custom color grade on the signal. Up to 10 user LUTs can be uploaded into the monitor by an SD card (FAT32, under 16G). T5+ also supports User LUT intensity adjustment.

Quick Analysis is a mode where the image is scaled and waveform, histogram, vector scope and audio meter will show together around the image. The appearance of the meters can be adjusted under this mode.

What's in the BoxWhat's in the Box

Osee Service

Osee care each customer’s thoughts. If you encountered any problem regarding to osee’s products and service, don’t hesitate to let us know. You can find contacts on our service card.

What’s in the Box Monitor x1 Tilt Arm x1 Sun Hood x1 HDMI Cable x2 (1 Micro, 1 Mini) Quick Start Guide x1 Service Card x1

Specifications of Osee T5+

Panel Size 5.5 inch Resolution 1920X1080 Color 1.06G Contrast 1000:1 Brightness 1000 nits Support Signal 1xHDMI (1.4) IN Support Signal Format: 3840x2160p (30/29.97/25/24/23.98), 1080p (60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98), 1080i(60/59.94/50), 720p(60/59.94/50), 480i/576i/480p/576p Weight(Bare Monitor)&Dimension 175g; 156mm (L)x78mm (W)x20mm (H) Consumption&Input Voltage 5.5W; 5-17V Battery Input (SONY L Series or Canon LP-E6) / 5-17V Type-C Input Mounting Points 1/4”-20 screw mount, 1x bottom and 1x right Exposure Tools False color (customizable), Zebra (customizable), Waveform, Vector Scope, Histogram Focus Tools Focus Assist (R/G/B color&B/W background), Peaking Look Tools De-log (support ARRI, Blackmagic Design, Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Panasonic, RED and Sony camera log curves and PQ/HLG), User LUT(up to 10 user LUT files) Frame Tools Aspect, Safe, Center, Crosshatch, Anamorphic (with magnify function) Other Audio Meter, Multi-scopes, Zoom(x2, x4), Rotate(Auto/180°, Mirror) Audio Jack 3.5mm Package 1×Monitor, 1×Tilt Arm, 1×Sun Hood, 1×HDMI-Micro Cable, 1×HDMI-mini Cable

Screen Size
5.5 inch 7 inch 7 inch 15.4 inch 5.5 inch

Signal Input

1920×1080 1920×1200 1920×1200 1920×1200 1920 x 1080

Contrast Ratio
1000:1 1200:1 1200:1 1450:1 1000:1

164g 438g 450g 3.7kg 175g

1×Monitor, 1×Tilt Arm, 1×Sun Hood, 1×HDMI-A Cable, 1×HDMI-Micro Cable, 1×HDMI-mini Cable 1×Monitor, 1×Ball Head, 1×D-tap to Lockable Pole DC Cable, 1×AC-DC Power Adaptor 1×Monitor, 1×Screw Articulating Arm Trestle, 1×D-tap to Lockable Pole DC Cable, 1×AC-DC Power Adaptor, 1×V mount Battery Plate, 1×Sun Hood, 1×Carrying Case 1x Monitor, 1x V or AB-mount Battery plate, 1x C-stand Adapter, 1x Cheese Plate, 1x Soft Hooded Carrying Case, Stand Feet, Power Cord 1×Monitor, 1×Tilt Arm, 1×Sun Hood, 1×HDMI-Micro Cable, 1×HDMI-mini Cable

Not included Not included Not included Not included Not included

Calman with Calibrite Colorchecker Display Pro/Plus Calman with Calibrite Colorchecker Display Pro/Plus Calman with Calibrite Colorchecker Display Pro/Plus Calman (osee calibrator will be released later) with Calibrite Colorchecker Display Pro/Plus

【1000nits Daylight Viewable Brightness】T5+ doubles the typical brightness on an entry-level monitor, like osee’s most popular model T5, to 1000nits, and improves the color depth to 1.06B colors and contrast ratio to 1000:1 so that it can display a crisp, sharp, and vivid image for outdoor applications even without a sun hood.
【An Operating System Designed for Efficiency】T5+ features the first version of osee’s MON OS, designed for efficient workflow on location. The MySets, which include all of the settings of the monitoring tools, can be predefined by yourself before shooting. A single joystick toggle can let you change between the MySets quickly on location. Up to 8 MySets can be added, and 3 MySets (frame, exposure, focus) have factory default settings.
【Smooth LOG/HDR Live Preview Workflow】With a 1000nits panel and osee’s LOG/HDR processing technology, which supports all common camera log curves and PQ/HLG curves, users can shoot LOG/HDR format with the built-in tool De-log and the monitor will help transform it into a standard image to monitor right in the field. You can also upload your own customized user LUTs and adjust the intensity on the monitor directly.
【Precise Exposure Tools】T5+ has a powerful customizable false color and zebra tool to let you precisely control the exposure of high brightness, skin tone, and dark portion of your captured video. You can customize these tools by simply setting a correct camera output gamma curve, or by using fully custom definable parameters by yourself.
【Refined Tilt Arm Design】Compared tilt arm which is used on T5, anti-losing pins, and a toque adjustment screw are added to that of T5+. The connection won’t lose anymore when it is rotated. And you can adjust the rotation tightness to balance the weight of different batteries on the back of the monitor, by using the toque adjustment screw.

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Osee T5+ 5 Inch Daylight Visible 1000nits DSLR Camera Field Monitor with 3D LUT HDR Wide Color Gamut Video Monitor 4K-HDMI Expose Focus Assist DC Input Output One-Key Operation


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